The Novice Screenwriter – who am I?

Hello writers and dreamers,

If you are anything like me (an aspiring spec script screenwriter  who has just completed one spec – and grappling two more), a lifelong scholar who LOVES movies, and who has spent ages and ages trying to master the ins and outs, the yin-yang, the nitty-gritty) of spec writing, follow this blog each week (hopefully) to find and hopefully gain some insight with me – tips gained from years of trying to write, slaving, doodling and also tips on-the-fly taken from writing scripts, reading scripts and everything else I can dig my claws into on a daily basis.  I know there are a lot of fantastic blogs out there that every writer can learn from on a daily basis (gointothestory, johnaugust to name a few) – so why add my own thoughts to that burgeoning conundrum of screenwriting wisdom? Not sure really, except I love writers and writing and the idea of possibly benefiting and developing insights about the craft, sharing as well as learning from others is intriguing enough to well..shoot the gun..and go for it!

NOTE: I DO NOT claim to be an expert, hence I AM…the novice writer, the everyman writer who shares every writer’s dream, the novel dream, the Hollywood dream, YOUR dream to succeed  and something more, so more than anything, my goal is to provide a resource portal/community for all writers, new and old, to learn and share our experiences.

The free caveats you can hopefully gain through this, things I am gaining and have already gained:

Writing tips, tricks, fun stuff, where to find screenplays, writing resources, motivation, butt-kicking (write the damn script!), tropical weather and other ongoing excitement! Check back tomorrow for more. Oh..and stop by in comments and say ‘hello!’


2 thoughts on “The Novice Screenwriter – who am I?

  1. Hi there. Looking to reading more!

  2. Hello – good to have you on board. I will be posting stuff, when I am not busy writing scripts, on an ongoing basis once a week. look forward to hearing your thoughts and feel free to post questions and comments anytime as well.

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