Five Best Places to Find Screenplays (Week 1)

Like probably most  of you guys out there, I am a voracious googler and when I first started out formally learning to write screenplays, the first thing I was told to do if I really wanted to be a screenwriter was obvious enough and easy: read an actual screenplay. A bit harder back in 1997 (about three years after the internet officially exploded, and especially if you didn’t want to buy them from somewhere) but here below is one of the first websites I ever came across that suited this specific purpose. The look of the site hasn’t changed much since we got acquainted (the ‘jazzed’ version  didn’t exist when I first found it) but whoever this guy is, he certainly provided me, a college yuppy and other like-minded yuppies an early writing education.

To quote Author Katherine Paterson, ‘Reading makes me want to write, and writing makes me want to read. And both reading and writing make me joy to be part of the great human adventure we call life.’

So, without further ado, here’s Resource #1 – Drew’s Script-O-Rama

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 6.26.22 AM

First,  you can’t go wrong with the name. Second, this is a GREAT site – the granddaddy of screenplay libraries, online. Even though the look hasn’t evolved much after its initial inception (due to heavy loading speeds, bandwidths, all we had was the ‘boring version’, now it’s ‘stripclub’ ), the content certainly has.   Aside from ‘The Rama’s’ general commentary (acerbically entertaining), you will also find links to hundreds of film and tv scripts, transcripts, anime (gosh!) and even unproduced work from writers.  Even better, many of these scripts in its several stages. ‘Sixth Sense’ was the first screenplay I ever read, obtained here, along with several others – oscar winners, fan favorites, animated movies, fun ones, you name it.

Go check it out, and let me know your thoughts!


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