If you are a screenwriter or even a wannabe, there is no other better way to learn about screenwriting than reading screenplays. I wouldn’t say this is my Mantra (Aargh! I haven’t turned into one of those, have I?) but judging from how it’s helped me improve my writing, I do think it’s beneficial enough to highlight its importance. What we have so far:

Week 1

Week 2 

And now onto this week’s link and review –  a popular one, if you haven’t already visited (note: many of you might know these already, but if you have had any trouble finding free scripts in the past, this is for you):


This is quite a no-brainer (probably the first site you will get when you google ‘where to find screenplays’). I do like the general layout (search function, easy to find, more recent scripts). My grievance with this one, however, is that they don’t update their scripts now as much as they used to.  I used to read a new script here every week — so not sure if the reason for that is lack of availability? (probably). The other thing is I like my attachments in PDF’s (so I can search for a specific word/sentence through the ‘find’ function), but here, you would have to read it onsite (though you could still save it as a PDF but that’s extreme laziness on my part).

Anyway, still a great site worth visiting.


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