Five best places to find screenplays – week 5


Here is a quick recap of the last four weeks:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 

Week 4 

I have already highlighted in my previous posts, why reading scripts is probably the most awesome way to learn how to write scripts — not to mention the sheer amount you can learn reading one, compared to not reading one and just writing. This week, I decided to summarize all five posts on this subject with a list of additional places to find screenplays (so more than five! Ha, not good with numbers!), including where to purchase them as well as some great blogs with freebies. Most of these, by the way, are also the ones I personally use and have tested out. So, without further ado:

Some more freebie sites:

• Awesome film scripts

• Movie scripts and screenplays 

Sites you can purchase scripts $$$:

• ebay (yes! scripts you can’t find anywhere I have found here)

 theatrebooks (if you live in Canada, they have a location and a decent library. If not, I believe you can have things shipped)

• Amazon (though the pickings here are rare, you can still find certain published screenplay works.

• Scriptfly – I haven’t used this one, but they seem to have a good collection to check.

• Hollywood Book City – this is another one I recently discovered. The thing I like about this store is that they do have a request page if you are looking for a specific script where a representative is supposed to get back to you within 48 hours. I recently posted a request myself (let’s see if it happens).

• The Writer’s Store


LA screenwriter – being new to the blogging community, this is one I only discovered recently (perhaps most of you have) but there are great screenplay offers here that can be downloaded in PDF and they also have some interesting resources to offer.

gointothestory’s 30 days of screenplays – Scott Myer’s blog is an absolute must for anyone who is a writer. period. Because it’s an incredible resource. I am a follower of the blog as well and recently, he has been posting and analyzing some pretty great screenplays, so worth a visit.

John August’s Library – screenwriting pro’s personal script resource

So that’s it for this week. I am back to getting some first drafts and outlines going, hope everyone is enjoying their own individual writing journeys and hope some of this information has come in useful! Have a great weekend!


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