‘One Lovely Blog’ Nomination!

Aside from the joys and travails of attempting to potty-train my animal kid and my human kids (go figure!) I had this wonderful surprise in my comment thread last week from Lindsey Cotman of Coffee Stained that made a miserably rainy, drenched day with a kid who refused to leave the splash pad (despite the downpour!) a bit brighter.

“Looking forward to seeing you come back, but in the meantime I’d like to let you know that I’ve just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award.” (Yay!)


Love the logo? So do I! So without further ado, thank you dear Lindsey at Coffee Stained for impacting my month in such a nice way and for taking the time to do that.  It’s a huge honor, considering how new this blog is and how new I am to the whole blogging shpeel. Certainly inspires  me to keep up with the blogging, that’s for sure! Here are the basics:

The Rules:
Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
Share seven things about you
Pass the award on to seven nominees
Thank the person who nominated you
Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs

Nominated by: Coffee Stained. Thank you!

Seven (hopefully not boring) Random Facts (P.S. I may have cheated a little with the numbers)
• I grew up in three countries and two different continents (Kuwait, India, Canada where I reside now)

• My family and I (which included 9 year old me, my dad, my mum and my 1 year old sister)  survived the events of an actual war and Saddam attacking Kuwait. We were also considered plum-crazy by our Indian relations when we returned three years later to rebuild our lives there. (We even went back to our same apartment!)

• I am a parent with four kids (a three year old, a five year old, an eleven week old pup  and a spouse who leaves my kids’ diapers around and never makes the bed!)

• I spent over a decade studying art: attended a special arts school, went to college for art, did an absolute ton of art classes and bought tons of stuff  (including these really cool erasable color pencils) assuming all I wanted to do in life was become  an animator and draw Disney films, when instead what I actually wanted to do all along was write them!

•   I like to sing (not just in the bathroom), I LOVE music and I also follow Miss Universe (ever since India won both Miss World and Miss Universe in 1994!). More randomly, I am also a huge Harry Potter fan.

• Even though I am not as much of a gamer now as I used to be, my favorite video game ever is Kingdom Hearts! Have been waiting for the third game for years!

• Last but not least, speaking of kids… and I know I haven’t stopped nattering on about him on this blog, my newest baby’s name is Boo ( after ‘Boo’ in Monsters Inc.). A bichon poo who is both a darling (will doggie-kiss anyone) and a regular macho humbug who thinks he is the boss (chews on my other kid’s toys,  and loves to poo in my office). If you don’t believe me, here is proof:

And now my seven nominations (which got erased as I was typing – sigh! Happens a lot..)

Coffee-stained blog: Always love fairytales, and the fact that she loves Disney and video games – amongst my most favorite things.
LA screenwriter: The posts are always brief and contain a ton, all that can be read in less than five minutes, both informative and educational. Really enjoy this blog.
Maximum Z: Enjoy all the screenwriting wisdom as well as anecdotes. Also like how he involves his readers and enjoy his sense of humor!
Matt on not-word press: Like his photos, won me over with his keyboard shoe.
Screenwriting-from-Iowa : Love that he blogs everyday and there is always something I can learn as well as always finding something interesting about big shots and their success stories.  His posts are always a great read about the film and writing business!
AJ Brooks: Enjoy his screenwriting how to’s. Always informative and inspirational.
Ryan James Burt: I think his daughter and his devotion to her is adorable and out-of-this-world!

Congrats to all the nominees! More posts from the novice screenwriter later this week!


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