Why ’24’ is awesome!

Kiefer Sutherland of 24 nominated for Primetime Emmy Award
Yes, I know – it’s been ages since the last season of ’24’ but now there’s buzz about a new season on its way, I felt I had to write a quick blurb on this.  I might be among the only few people on the planet who has actually not bothered to watch this show for years… until now. This is what my family has been doing the entire summer after the kids have been happily tucked away from the noise.
AND – I AM – ADDICTED. Not that there aren’t flaws in the show (which show doesn’t?)…but it honestly feels like a never-ending movie that ACTUALLY WORKS. Why? And I am only on…. Season 5 (the very beginning).
A) Every episode has a hook.
B) Every episode has conflict, wait every MOMENT has conflict.
C) Jack Bauer is NEVER in peace.
D) Neither are the people he loves.
F) It’s a loud Bond without the suit fighting terrorists with guns, bad language and a heck of spunk.
G) It’s the bravest dude on television I have ever seen….a brave, imperfect dude you can’t help caring about.
H) Palmer, the fictional president before Obama time – the subplot between him and Jack and how they are foils for each other is awesome.
I) Crazy torture scenes aside and occasionally stupid subplots (everything that has to do with Kim, anyone?) who can’t help loving this show?
So, anyhow over to you guys: which was your favourite season of 24? and why? Thoughts?

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