The delicious feeling of completing a script!


Hey everybody! I have been off the wall for a while, BUT… I just officially completed one of my screenplays (the final edit) over the weekend and even better, actually managed to send it out at the eleventh hour to a major contest, so feeling on top of the world like Leo at the moment! The feeling that comes with that territory is something hard to explain – I was terribly nervous, in fact  the most nervous I have ever been when I did the deed (seriously, imagine you are this twitchy tiny human and there is a giant dragon coming after you and you are running until you are at the end of the cliff, and the only choice you have is to go back to be eaten by the dragon or fall off the precipice and die anyway, ps I would probably pick the precipice, even though I hate heights!) but now it feels like whether or not it’s perfect, whether or not it is a success, that I have done something important for myself this week – and that something is the feeling of completing a story that was important for me to write, with characters who I have grown to love and who have shared the limited space in my brain along with my spouse, my kids, my family, for oh – simply ages!

Not that I didn’t actually work my sheer ASS, brains, fingers, toes off to ‘perfect’ it and get it done, because I did (yesterday was my first day off writing anything in nearly a year – hell yeah! I need a life – oh wait, writing IS my life now, haha!)

So at the moment, simply letting myself revel and enjoy that brief moment of happiness before I get into the real challenges – which is to find my feet again, balance out the competitive nature of the real world with my own idealistic beliefs and make sure I have done all my research and  get it out to the right people. While I still have a long way to go to get to the rest (see my goal post from ages back, yeah, I am behind, but who cares? I am doing it, yesssss!), I would like to think of this if anything,  at least as a stepping stone to better things. I hope.

Now to get all cool and  level-headed and onto complete the rest of my goals – another script I should be hopefully completing in another two weeks. And getting back to my other scripts and revving up some more ideas in the back burner!  The one thing that I have found has been most helpful this weekend is knowing now that I can actually get to some ‘ending point’ in this long creative adventure – given how badly you want to make something ‘perfect’  sometimes I did wonder if I ever would… or could… here’s to doing it!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their story worlds, till next time!



P.S. Isn’t that baby the cutest thing ever??


2 thoughts on “The delicious feeling of completing a script!

  1. Thanks Z! Hope all is well on your end!

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