A quick summer update on where I am!


Hey everybody!

I know it’s been a while since I have written. There’s a lot going on at the moment. I completed two screenplays and have been busy doing ongoing quick revisions and preparing to market them. I thought I might finish one earlier in the year, but the fact that I finished two one week after the other, came a bit unexpected. I have been receiving some nice reviews and generally good notes on the stories and their prospects – but also being ‘novice’ to the process of putting out my scripts, I am continuing to discover new things and trying to take each day as a new learning experience!

I recently applied to a few screenwriting contests as well (for the first time, more on that later) and may be applying to one or two more later in the year, along with recently taking advantage of the Blacklist which I am having a great experience with so far. With that, also working on some rewrites for two other fantasy projects along with the fact that the kids are home nabbing the rest of my spare time for the summer, so things have been a bit crazy on my end – leaving the blog posts sporadic for now at best.

That said, I will try to return with some goodies later in September! There is so much I have been learning lately, not only about the whole writing process, but also what is expected from a new writer just in the last few months that perhaps may be fun and worth sharing on the blog. Hopefully when my schedule allows, I can return with some thoughts that may help any other writers on a similar journey along with some news on where things are going with my projects.

Thanks for continuing to read the blog and look forward to continuing the adventure!:)


The Novice Screenwriter

Oh and P.S. one of my biggest lessons in all this ‘finishing my scripts’ lark  is SCRIPT REVISIONS basically never end until it’s nearly into production, LOL! Ok, I may be exaggerating but  I am hoping to near that point soon where someone will say, ‘ENOUGH, you landlubber! We are buying it!’ Till then, I will continue to hammer away at my poor laptop and stay afloat!


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