an early 2015 update!


Hi everyone!!

I know it’s been an age – but glad to be back, even if it’s for a brief spell. My excuses: my schedule’s been packed writing, pitching, marketing myself and also keeping busy reading for other writers and getting to know some incredibly warm and talented friends.

The good news: after nearly seven to eight months of butting rhino-hard against Hollywood’s ‘unbreakable’ wall, new experiences filled with its share of excitement but also caustic amounts of heartbreak, I am finally getting just a tiny bit closer to the goals I set for myself early last year: placing highly in a few contests, securing a nice amount of industry requests and reads, getting a paid assignment offer which I ultimately decided to reject (long story), and quite recently (and this is the best part!) getting someone from a studio I respect to confirm his commitment to one of my projects with the joint hope we can develop it further.

It’s an exciting time… but I am trying to err on the side of caution since anything can change and the movie-making process is a hard one! That said, the biggest lesson I have learned in this process is if you believe in your stories and have made all your best efforts, keep writing and keep persevering. Also, more importantly, no matter how many lows you are inevitably going to experience in the process… and yes, some of them may literally pump the breath out of you, always do your best… and have FUN anyway!:) I always have to remind myself, life is more than just sitting and writing – but at the same time, writing is bigger than life (yeah, talk about a giant contradiction – but it’s true!)

I have so much more I want to say, but will leave these thoughts as is, for now! While my posts may be fewer, this blog will always be up in the hopes that some of my albeit ‘random’ thoughts will provide some level of encouragement and resource to others with similar dreams and aspirations! Oh and forgive  my grammar today, it isn’t the greatest!!

If anyone would like to get in touch with me to say hello or have any questions, feel free to post in comments, OR… there’s always email (hit the ‘about’ tab above).! Wishing you all an incredible writing week, and also, a big and very grateful thanks to everyone who takes the time every day to stop by and read this blog (despite my posts not being as frequent lately)