Another poorly-grammatical update!

ImageHey folks, sorry to keep you all waiting, especially those of you who come back to check and keep up with me (thank you!). I am currently in the midst of finalizing and preparing my scripts to put out this year and with the combination of family responsibilities (non-stop guests and my two daughters on their break and bored), a new writer’s group I joined with wonderful writers I am excited about, along with my almost-one-year old Bichon-poo who I strongly suspect may have Pica (God, either that or he needs even more walking, he’s always chewing something – I have lost markers, glue sticks, underwear, stapler, you name it – oh wait! And an ink cartridge three days ago, his legs went all red and I had to scrub him!) it’s been one heck of a grind this month. Hopefully if all goes well, writing-wise, I would like to finally, after years and years of dreaming, whining, nail-biting and endless crumpled drafts,  put them in contests and things like every other screenwriter-hopeful on the planet.  

Are they ready now? I have two scripts that are getting there. This time, though, unlike previous times, I am trying to use all those contest deadlines to just get them over and done with… especially seeing and reading the amazing scripts that are being sold out there since, well God-knows when! It’s just time to let my babies go… or at least before someone else has the same idea and beats me to it (I think other writers here can relate to that one)!

Anyway, I am currently writing, waiting and compiling feedback to incorporate into those two scripts before I send them out! Hopefully I will return with something better than my updates soon. Till then, please pray for me or wish me luck, whichever! I hope you are all having a fruitful week!

If it behooves you, would love to know what the rest of you are up to.

What are you writing these days? 

How is your current writing going? 

After all, we share cyberspace together! Let me know!