Amazing Spiderman 2 Confusion, anyone?


Hi everybody!

Missed the blogosphere! It’s been a while since I have blogged – lots going on, on my side of the world/shore – also because my script-wrapping seems to be endless – what with personal stuff and also just making sure I get it right versus sending out something that may be ok, but not at its very best! Anyway, for anyone who went and saw ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ this past weekend, is a fan of these movies in general, and were wondering about a certain (confusing) death in the end like I was,  (SPOILERS, not here but in the links) thought these would be some interesting articles to pass on along with all the ten million easter eggs that also apparently existed within the film. If you are curious, here are the links:

Vulture Magazine 

Entertainment weekly 

I did have a ton of thoughts about this movie as a whole (though unlike my usual rant, I am keeping it ludicrously brief here as I have to jet back to work), overall I liked it more than Captain America’s sequel with all its second half endless explosions – and while the script had its clunky moments from time-to-time and also felt too long, I did enjoy the movie overall — though felt puzzled at times and a bit annoyed, particularly because I actually waited past midnight with my spouse for the easter egg at the very end (and frankly, I love my sleep since I don’t get that much in general!)

Read those links above… if you dare…

If anyone had a chance to see this movie and had other thoughts on any of the above, feel free to post’ em! Till next time and happy writing!